Need high-quality PPE for your team?

With Daycon, you'll receive Personal Protective Equipment from an experienced vendor you can count on to keep your facilities stocked and safe from potential sickness.

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& Protection


Breathable, quality masks delivered to you in the quantity you need.


Clean with care by protecting yourself and others from shared germs.


Sprayers, dispensers, thermometers, and more. For any building, in any industry.

Do you have the PPE you need to operate safely?

Pausing to evaluate your supply helps ensure you never run out of the essentials your team needs. Use the checklist below to make sure you’re prepared with the right products.

Essential Products Checklist

About Daycon

With custom solutions and high-performance products and PPE, there’s no need to lose sleep over stressful situations like COVID-19. As an established distributor in the cleaning industry, Daycon has built a 75-year reputation on being a reliable partner to our customers — in good times and bad.

No matter what, you can rest easy knowing Daycon has you covered.

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